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Data Center
Depending on the size of the company or amount of information processed a data center can be a small closet or an entire room full of servers, phones systems, data...

Data Center
Depending on the size of the company or amount of information processed a data center can be a small closet or an entire room full of servers, phones systems, data racks, and relay racks with possibly hundreds of cables coming in to the room. The importance of a data center is often overlooked because it’s locked away but a data center is the brain and nervous system of any organization. Having the right equipment in a data center is important to provide the type of service that the company may require; this equipment also needs to be properly stored and mounted while still being prepared for expansion in the future.

In a data center there is generally one area where all the cable comes into the room; having all the cable come in at one point can simplify the lay out of the data center. Once the cable comes in from the ceiling it is laid down on a cable ladder rack which it runs along possible curves, bends and drops until it reaches the relay rack, data rack, or data cabinet. Within the data rack it runs along the vertical wire management or horizontal cable management until it’s punched down to a patch panel.

When designing a data center many factors come into play including: redundancy, security, and future growth. Redundancy is extremely important in a data center concerning both the voice and data cables and power supplies. Having redundant cable routes can help prevent work stoppage because if cables get damaged there must be another way to communicate information. A LAN (local area network) having both a physical and wireless network can help to back each other up in case one fails. Also, having a redundancy in the WAN (wide area network) is important; for example subscribing to two different ISPs (internet service providers) means that there will always be at least one way to access a WAN. Power supply backups are essential to preventing a network from failing or losing information; this can be accomplished with battery backups and UPSs.

When considering the security of a network and data center the first thing to come to mind is passwords and encryption but physical security is just as important. Obviously, locked doors and a secure building or room can improve security but there are also secure data racks so each individual rack is protected by its own key based security system. Secure data racks are lock protected and completely enclosed with ventilation slots as well as optional (and recommended) fans for airflow.

When creating a data center or data room considering the future is extremely important. Growth will hopefully occur as a company thrives and as a company does grow so will its data center; preparing for this growth is important so as not to outgrow a data center causing a very expensive problem. A typical data rack is standardly sized at seven feet tall with 42 unit spaces (42U) and most data rack mountable equipment takes up one or two of these spaces (1U and 2U). So, leaving extra space on the data racks and within the data center for growth can prevent the expensive alternatives of moving or construction. Also, using more advanced equipment than you might think is necessary is a wise decision; Cat5e cable may work for your needs now but in two years Cat6 or Cat6a may be required so instead of cabling twice just use more advanced materials and equipment the first time.

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