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Dolphin B Connectors with Sealant

Available in packs of 100 or 1,000 - Blue, gel-filled B connectors available in a pack of either 100 or 1,000 pieces. The 1,000 piece set also comes with a latching plastic storage box

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Blue, gel-filled B connectors available in a pack of either 100 or 1,000 pieces. The 1,000 piece set also comes with a latching plastic storage box!

In the telecom industry, B connectors are also referred to as "beans" or "beanies". These beans are filled with a sealant that protects the wire from moisture. Sealant-filled B connectors are often called "jelly beans" or "jellies".

Dolphin Super B Connectors provide the industry’s most reliable connection with their unique design and tine structure. They reduce costs, will not corrode and do not require insulation stripping of most wire gauges before insertion. They also allow for connection testing without stripping wires for faster installations with less clean-up time. These features ensure the continued operation of the security, safety, and communications systems in which these connectors are most frequently used.

Dolphin B connectors are the professional’s choice for splicing wires. These are used throughout the datacom, security, and low voltage industries. Each connector is insulated on the outside and has tiny barbs on the inside to pierce the insulation of the cable. They are compatible with AWG 16-24 gauge wires. One bean will fit four 24AWG or 22AWG wires, or three 20AWG or 18AWG wires.

They come filled with Dolphin’s #27B sealant. This sealant will not corrode, leak or cure. #27B sealant can withstand temperatures from -60°F to 475°F.

  • No wire stripping!
  • Quick installation!
  • No cleanup!
  • UL Listed E172979
  • Unique funnel-entry design allows easier wire insertion, eliminates wire strand hang-up, and positions wire perfectly for a single crimp
  • Accepts 16-24 gauge wires with a larger opening for multiple wires and heavier wire insulation
  • Razor-sharp insulation piercing teeth
  • ISO 9001


A special crimp tool is not required to use these B connectors. A pair of pliers will work just as well.

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