Telephone "Buttset" Tester Set with Switchable Tones

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Telephone "Buttset" Tester Set with Switchable Tones

Telephone Buttset Tester Set with Switchable Tones Use a telephone line tester to thoroughly examine phone lines and ensure their integrity.

This phone tester inspects the talk, ring, and monitor functions. It features switchable tones as well as a LED indicator that signals whether the wires' polarity is reversed. This tester is water-resistant, allowing for its use in all weather. It also includes a spade connector cord to test phone lines with blade receptacles. This top-notch tester will determine any irregularities that may be present. Features: Perform three types of tests: talk, ring, and monitor Tone/Pulse switch LED indicates reversed polarity Volume Control: 3-position control for up to 12dB of gain Spring-loaded belt clip Water-resistant for extra protection against weather conditions Spade connector cord included Rubber-covered keypad and large switches are designed for use with gloves, making this a convenient tool for line workers. The large, heavy-duty alligator clips support five different types of wire connections, including a bed-of-nails and an insulation piercing spike. Connecting cord is durabile and is equipped with a strain-relief connection at the Rj11 connector.

Product Description:
Lineman's Telephone Buttset Tester Set is a professional piece of equipment designed for telephone installers, repair technicians, and phone system maintenance personnel. This durable device is full of features for existing and newly installed communications systems for proper functionality. The tester has a 3 position volume switch, which can provide volume gain. The ring mode can be set to send either DTMF tones or rotary dial pulses. A three-position mode switch allows the tester to be set to monitor, ring, or talk modes: the monitor mode provides a high-impedance coupling to the telephone line, allowing it to be monitored without interfering with existing conversations, data transmissions, or signaling. The ring mode allows the tester to be on-hook with an electronic ringer connected to the telephone line. This provides a low-impedance coupling to the telephone line for monitoring of optional line identification tones. The handset includes an automatic last-number redial function, which is capable of repeating up to 31 digits. It also features a number memory storage capability, allowing the technician to store different numbers of up to 15 digits each, including the insertion of 3-second pauses for use with trunk lines.