Cat3 RJ11 Modular Plug 10 Pack

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Cat3 RJ11 Modular Plug 10 Pack

CAT3 RJ11, RJ12 Modular Plugs, 10 Pack (Commercial Grade) CAT3 RJ11, RJ14 Modular Plugs, 10 Pack connectors for solid or stranded cable.

These are 6p4c. RJ11 connectors for 4 Conductor Wire Phone Cables. Crimp on RJ11 connectors. 4 conductor type. Clear plastic housing. Modular plugs are described as containing a number of potential contact positions and the actual number of contacts installed within these positions. RJ11 and RJ14 use the same six-position modular connector, thus are physically identical. 6P4C modular connectors are probably most well known for their use as RJ11 and RJ14 registered jacks. RJ11 is a physical interface often used for terminating telephone wires. It is probably the most familiar of the registered jacks, being used for telephones in most homes around the world.

High Quality Modular Plugs Compatible with both solid and stranded wire 6p4c head style (6 Positions 4 Contacts)