Cat6 48 Port Shielded Patch Panel 1U

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Cat6 48 Port Shielded Patch Panel 1U’s preloaded Shielded 48-Port CAT6 Patch Panel is an excellent choice for small home and office networks. This patch panel features 48 shielded keystone jacks for Ethernet connectivity, the high density configuration of the jacks helps minimize the space of network systems. The shielding around this cable protects the integrity of the signal from EMI (electromagnetic Interference) in electronically noisy environments. Additionally, this 48-Port Shielded CAT6 Patch Panel meets and exceeds industry standards, ensuring safety & maximizing the performance of your network. Product quality is essential to a reliable network. To ensure the quality of this patch panel it is subject to UL standards and is UL Listed. For additional product quality this patch panel is RoHS compliant and also compliant with TIA/EIA 568A & 568B standards. Our CAT6 shielded 24 port patch panel is designed to fit in a 19" network rack or enclosure and utilizes a vertical rack space of 1 unit (1U).

To increase our shielded CAT6 patch panel's durability and strength it is made from solid 16 gauge steel with rounded edges. The RJ45 jack adapter contacts are made of 50 micro-inch gold plated phosphor bronze while the 90° 110-IDC termination contacts are phosphor bronze with 50 micro-inch tin-lead plated over 50-60 micro-inch nickel plated contacts for optimal performance. The jacks also sit flush on the panel face which helps eliminate cable snags and creates a clean and professional appearance. This CAT6 patch panel is not only ideal for speed & efficiency but also for organization. This CAT6 patch panel features unique cable management and color coded IDC terminal labels that help organize the wires and make the IDC-110 punch down termination easier, saving you time and money.


  • Shielded CAT6 Patch Panel
  • High Density 24 CAT6 Ethernet Ports
  • Flush Mounted Jacks
  • Made From Solid 16 Gauge Steel With Rounded Edges
  • Suitable For 22-26 AWG Stranded And Solid CAT6 Cable
  • 19" Rack And Enclosure Mountable
  • Includes Cable Ties, Mounting Screws, Ground Wire And Instructions
  • TIA/EIA 568A And 568B Compliant
  • UL Listed
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Suitable for 10/100/1000/2500/5000 Megabit networks
  • Suitable for .01/.1/1/2.5/5 Gigabit networks
  • Compatible with Cat3, Cat5, and Cat5e connectors and devices
  • Exceeds 10/100/1000/2.5G/5GBASE-T Standards