Jameson Easy Buddy- Fiberglass Conduit Fish Tape

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Jameson Easy Buddy- Fiberglass Conduit Fish Tape

The Jameson Easy Buddy Fiberglass Conduit Fish Tape with a flexible 1/4" rod is designed to handle tight turns and long runs, making it ideal for rodding or fishing conduit of 1-2 inches wide. The Jameson Easy Buddy comes in 300 feet of fiberglass fish tape to 400 feet of fiberglass fish tape. The Lightweight frame and wheels make the unit fully portable & features a drag breake to control payout.

With a solid fiberglass non-conductive core rod and polymer outer sheath, The Jameson Easy Buddy fiberglass fish tape offers strength of 400 pounds of tension, flexibility up to 4 inches of bend, and safety due to its nonconductive fiberglass. The built in drag break makes slowing or stopping the fiberglass fish tape safe and easy. Its polymer coating protects the external rod surface from abrasion and provides a slick outer surface to avoid getting caught in crowded conduits.

  • Available in Lengths of 300 feet or 400 feet
  • Rod or fish conduit of 1-2"
  • Reel dimensions: 36.25"H x 24"W x 13"D
  • 4" bending radius
  • Marked in 5-foot increments
  • 400-lb Pull/Tension Strength
  • Includes End Ferrule and Pulling Eye
  • Accessory Kit sold separately

Jameson Part # 6-14-400M