Jameson Wand Signal Receiver, Part 17-100R, Wand Only

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Jameson Wand Signal Receiver, Part 17-100R, Wand Only

Jameson Wand Signal Receiver, Part 17-100R, Wand Only Jameson’s Wand Locator is specially designed to detect buried utilities. This device may detect buried power cables, CATV cables, gas and water pipes, sewer lines, telephone cables, fiber optic cables

Includes: Part 17-100R Wand Signal Receiver Only Receiver Controls and Indicators ON/OFF Button The unit will load settings from previous usage.
Note: Automatic shut off after 10 minute of no use.

FREQUENCY & MODE Button Toggles through available frequencies and models (model specific). Wand - 82 kHz Line Mode & 512Hz Sonde Mode GAIN Button (Up or Down) Adjusts the gain up or down. Gain level displayed as solid or missing bar on bar graph.Absolute Signal Strength The Locator Receiver provides the operator with a direct measurement of the Receiver’s signal strength. The measurement is displayed with two numerical digits (ex: 85) located at the top of the LCD display.

The measurement range is 0 to 99 indicating a very weak signal (0) to a very strong signal (99). Absolute Signal Strength is independent of the Gain setting or meter reading. It gives the operator information about the actual amount of signal being radiated from the conductor and received by the Receiver. The Absolute Signal Strength will not be displayed if the gain is too high or too low. Adjust Gain to move meter reading to mid-scale. The numerical display will change from ‘--’ to a valid measurement. Gain Change Indication The GAIN up and down buttons are used to increase and decrease gain sensitivity in small amounts. Low Battery The Locator will indicate low battery condition by displaying low battery icon on the LCD screen.