Pull String Bucket 6500FT

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Pull String Bucket 6500FT

Pull String Bucket, 6500ft.

This Pull String Bucket contains 6500ft of pull string and is great for pulling 25 pair cable, cat5e, cat6, cat6a, and cat7 cable. When making multiple cable runs to one location, send a string along with the first run to avoid having to make your next run from scratch. Leave a pull string in the ceiling with your last cable run so when you have to add another cable months down the line, you can save time. Instead of opening up 5-10 tiles to run a cable, you can tie a roll of electrical tape to the string and just toss it - then simply attach your cables to the end of the string and pull. Often times pulling cable with a push pole, fishtape, or fish poles the equipment can get damaged; help extend the life of your expensive fishing tools by fishing the string with your fishing tool through the wall, conduit, or ceiling first then pull the string through and attach the cables to the string. This pull string has a tensile strength of 210 pounds. This item is non-returnable.