Mini Power Minder

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Mini Power Minder

Never worry about accidentally leaving your computer or other peripherals on again with the Mini Power Minder from cable supply.

This will allow you to automatically turn on or turn off your PC's peripherals with your computer's main power switch. Need extra sockets? Just use a regular power strip as an extension by plugging its power cable into the socket marked secondary.


  • Surge protector (Line to Neutral, Line to Ground, Neutral to Ground) AC maximum spike capacity = 4500 Amp. (8/20 sec.) 
  • TVSS rating = L - N330V, L - G330V, N-G330V 
  • Mini Power Minder has a unique feature called Power Minder Control that causes the secondary socket to turn on/off while you are booting up or shutting down your PC 
  • Mini Power Minder has its own surge protector that protects your computer's peripheral investments 
  • The Power Minder Control feature means that the busy PC user no longer has to remember to manually shut down their peripherals Mini Power Minder


  • Input Voltage: AC120V 50/60Hz
  • Power Rating: 1800VA 
  • Output Current: 15A 
  • Max. Overload Protector: 15A 
  • Thermo Fuse Surge Protector: Line to Neutral, Line to Ground, Neutral to Ground 

UL Listed Operation Instruction:
Plug the Mini Power Minder into the AC wall outlet. The green Power LED will turn on. Plug the PC power cable to the Main/Power socket. Use the USB type A-to-B cable to connect your PC to the USB port on the side of the Mini Power Minder. Plug your peripheral device power cord or your power strip into the socket labeled Secondary. Turn on your PC. The yellow LED labeled Secondary will turn ON.