Steel Fishing Tape

Steel Fishing Tape is ideal for fishing plastic or metal conduits and is generally used with indoor conduits. To properly fish a conduit, usually one would fish from the termination end of the conduit; for example: an access panel that will house a 66 block or the wall plate at which the cable will be terminated onto a jack. This reasoning is because pulling cable is easier than pushing cable, fish the steel fish tape through the conduit the opposite direction then pull the cable through either by fishing a pull string or by pulling the Steel Fishing Tape back with a cable attached to it. Steel Fishing Tape can be stainless steel fish tape, flexible Steel Fishing Tape, or flat steel fish tape. Each Steel Fishing Tapeis designed differently to be able to offer a wide range of ways to overcome obstacles that come up while fishing a conduit or wall. The steel fish tapes that offers come in a plastic case to protect the fish tape from damage or getting dirty. The cases have viewing holes in them to easily assess how much steel fish tape remains within the reel. They are easily feed and retracted by a sturdy and comfortable handle that stays still as the round casing rotates dispensing the tape with little effort.