Coaxial Crimp Tool

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Coaxial Crimp Tool

2-Cavity hex crimp tool for RG59, RG62, and RG6 coaxial fittings.

To crimp coaxial cable with this 9” hex crimp tool first strip back the cable with coaxial cable strippers. The coaxial cable strippers have two blades that will cut the coax cable at two levels: one blade will cut the cable all the way down to the exposed single copper wire and the second blade will cut the cable down to the shielded jacket. Next, insert cable into fitting and crimp ferrule or ring securely; place the connector into the notch on the tool and crimp down. The crimper’s force can be adjusted by releasing the screw near the adjusting disc and run the disc toward the (-) or the (+) symbol to reduce or increase crimp force.