Concrete Anchor 1/2 inch - 4 Pack

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Concrete Anchor 1/2 inch - 4 Pack

Concrete Anchor 1/2 inch - 4 Pack.

Securely fasten vertical data racks to concrete or brick floors with this sleeve anchor that meets government G.S.A. Specification FF-S-325. The way this type of anchor works is that the sleeve on the outside of the bolt expands as the bolt is tightened which wedges it within the hole it’s installed. Once it is properly installed the ½” sleeve anchor has an ultimate pullout strength of 2,000 pounds when in compressed concrete at PSI of 2,200 pounds and an ultimate shear strength of 4,000 pounds.

To install a concrete sleeve anchor first drill a hole in the concrete with a hammer drill with the a bit the same size as the sleeve anchor. Be sure to drill the hole about ¼ of an inch deeper than the sleeve anchor will reach and at a minimum of 1-7/8” deep for a ½” diameter anchor, though deeper than that is recommended. After the hole is drilled out it must be cleared of debris then drive the anchor into the drilled out hole and tighten two or three turns to reach a torque of 20 ft. lbs. for a ½” anchor.