Data Cabinet - Wall Mountable 24in, 32in, or 42in (Transit Box) DAMAC

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Data Cabinet - Wall Mountable 24in, 32in, or 42in (Transit Box) DAMAC

This product ships directly from the manufacturer and has a lead time. Please contact if you have any questions about shipment or ETA.

The Transit Box Wall Mount Enclosure is a cost saving solution for securely storing 19" rack-mount equipment such as patch panels, cable management, fiber-optic equipment, switch panels, servers, and other network equipment. The low-profile, wall-mounted design is ideal for installation in classrooms, retail stores and other high traffic areas. The non-intrusive design will not interfere in space restrictive areas.

The Transit Box maximizes interior space with a unique mounting system. Included in each box are two sets of 19" mounting rails. One set features a swivel down hinge for easy access to the rear of installed equipment. An additional set of fixed rails is also included. Rail sets can be positioned anywhere in the enclosure allowing equipment and cabling flexibility.

  • 100lbs weight capacity
  • Two 19'' mounting rail sets
  • Locking door Slanted top panel
  • Cable and Raceway knockouts on top, bottom, and sides
  • Removable front door
  • Two Cable openings on back
  • 19''/4u hub mounting bracket
  • 12-24 tapped rails for accessing rear of mounted equipment
  • Multi-lances for mounting of brackets/cable management
  • Vented/fan ready bottom with a tamper resistant ventilation pattern
  • Multi-conduit entrances on the top, bottom and sides
  • Recessed/Removable door w/ tamper resistant ventilation pattern
  • Slanted top eliminates flat area for unwanted items to rest on Three J-box cut-outs in rear
  • Available Dimensions: 24", 32", or 42" height; 24" width; 10" depth