Professional Splicer Scissors with Notched Blade

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Professional Splicer Scissors with Notched Blade

Splicer and Telecommunications Scissors with Notched Blade #32-21N are manufactured for exceptional performance. They are heat treated then ice tempered (cryogenically processed) for a longer lasting edge, then precision ground for consistent quality. This process, commonly used in surgical instruments, significantly improves wear resistance. With a sharp blade for cutting cable and notches on the outside of the blade for stripping these scissors are ideal for use in telecommunications, electronic, and electrical wiring jobs. 

Manufacturers Info:
Jameson remains the leading provider of splicer snips and knives to the telecommunications market due to a commitment to the highest standards of durability, performance, and quality. We use a cryogenic (ice tempering) process commonly used in the manufacture of surgical instruments. This significantly improves wear resistance - indispensable when working with fiber optic strands and copper wire.