RJ45 Heavy Duty Crimp Tool

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 RJ45 Heavy Duty Crimp Tool

The new Cable Supply Heavy Duty Crimp Tool is designed for the professional installer providing a ratcheted, high leverage, ultra stable platform for consistent, repeatable terminations. This heavy duty tool is the perfect solution when working with high performance, larger OD cables that are tougher to terminate due to larger wire gauges, thicker, harder insulation on the conductors and pair separating splines. Not only will you overcome these connectivity obstacles but you can be assured that every termination will meet FCC specifications. Compatible with all RJ45 CAT5E connectors (Part Number 103810) and RJ45 CAT6 connectors (Part Number 103810) and RJ11 connectors as well as all standard modular plugs, except AMP.

  • Zero flex frame prevents torque loss during the crimping cycle.
  • Tool steel die head assembly provides 360 degree of connector support during crimp.
  • Clean, ultra flush trim on the CS-RJ45 extended conductors.
  • Expanded surface area on contact drivers delivers full, uniform crimp force.
  • Built-in cutter and stripper for flat and round cable.
  • Patented “crimp and trim system” delivers a clean, flush trim on the extended conductors for all EZ connectors.
  • Ratcheted, high leverage and stable platform for consistent, repeatable terminations.
  • Full surface to surface contact delivers uniform crimp force.
  • Laser marked with wiring guide for proper wire sequence.


The CS-HD Crimp Tool uses the RJ45  'crimp & trim' system and is designed to handle larger dimensional size cables.

  • RJ45 CAT5E connectors. Part Number 103810
  • RJ45 CAT6 connectors. Part Number 103810
  • Works with RJ45, RJ12 and RJ11 modular plug connectors except AMP.