Steel Fish Tape 1/8IN from Greenlee

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Steel Fish Tape 1/8IN from Greenlee

1/8 Steel Fish Tape MagnumPRO from Greenlee 438-5H Steel fish tape can manipulate, fetch and thread wires and cables around and through walls.

Features include an easy grip with a trigger lock handle for control and a swivel hook for attaching wires making this steel fish tape ideal to have on hand when cabling a house or office. Steel Fish Tape is perfect for fishing indoor conduitb because of its thin profile and 1/8 width. Greenlee’s steel fish tape can fish tight conduits with ease. Steel fish tape from Greenlee comes in a heavy duty plastic casing with a built in handle so that the tape can be fed out easily while the handle stays stationary. Because of this great case design the steel fish tape remains protected from damage and keeps the steel fish tape clean so it feeds and retracts quick and clean. Greenlee steel fish tape has a tension strength of 400 pounds, weighs only 3 pounds, and is available in lengths up to 240 feet. Oil-tempered steel from end to end for easy fishing Grime-resistant keeps tape clean and fishing smoothly Ergonomically correct handle for comfortable use Quick feed and reeling Smaller head for better fishing Viewing hole in case to easily see how much tape is left Heavy Duty case for lengthened life

Available in 50', 65', 125', and 240' lengths.

1. Manually feed the fish tape through the conduit.
2. Fasten the pull line securely.
3. Wrap the connection with plastic or electrical tape to protect the connection.
4. Pull the fish tape through the conduit.

Winder Case Replacement for Any Fish Tape:
1. Unwind all of the fish tape from the case.
2. Remove the screws and disassemble the case. Remove the fish tape.
Note: If the fish tape has a ball tip, remove it from the fish tape.
3. Remove the cable ties from the new tape. Note: The adhesive tape wraps are intended to keep the tape confined until the case is reassembled. The adhesive tape will break during the fish tape’s initial use; adhesive tape remaining in the case will not interfere with the fish tape’s performance.
4. Place the pulling eye end of the tape into the groove of the handle.
5. Insert a screw through the screw hole nearest the view hole. Place the fish tape into the case with the anchor loop or crimp fitting over the screw
6. With the two view holes aligned, join the two halves of the case. Replace the screws