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Coaxial cable and Ethernet cable each have individual ways of terminating and coupling. A coax cable consists of a plastic sheath, covering a copper shield, covering a plastic tube, where inside of the plastic tube is the actual copper wire. Because of all the shielding it makes coax a good cable to use for weak signals that are easily interfered, signals such as video, cable television, or microwave. The connectors for coax use tarnish resistant metals like gold or silver to maintain the signal. Couplers can be used that easily split the signal or to relay it to a single cable. RJ45 modular (mod) plugs are used to terminate cat5e or cat6 cables which are an eight pin plug. They use all four of the twisted pair to connect the cable to a keystone jack which in turn is connected to another Ethernet cable, the Ethernet jack wiring would have to match the mod plug wiring (568A to 568A or 568B to 568B). The Ethernet plugs are made specifically for cat5e and cat6 variations, were they to be used with the wrong cable it would lower the performance of the cable to that of the lowest performing product. To connect an Ethernet cable to an RJ45 a crimping tool is used to crimp each wire onto the connecting pins found on the end of the Ethernet jacks. Ethernet connectors are essentially two Ethernet jacks together so that two RJ45 Ethernet jacks could be plugged in on either end and therefore extend a cable. Fiberglass Fish Tape is one item to have in your arsenal when installing cable as it can really save you time and energy in big cable projects. If you came here looking for Ethernet Jacks, then you are definitely in the right place. We have so much selection in Ethernet Jacks and related items that you won't need to look anywhere else. Our Platinum EZ-RJ45 Modular Plugs have been a big hit this year. If you are looking for an adapter for Cat5e or Cat6 Crossover cables, we have the perfect solution in stock. We also have 10 packs of Ethernet/RJ45 Modular plugs for both Cat.5E and Cat.6. Now if you are working with Cat5 Enhanced or Cat6 you would also really enjoy our Platinum Tools EZ Snapjack. For your more standard Ethernet Jacks, we have both Kesystone Jacks and Keystone Couplers. We also have an Ethernet Jack that is completely Toolless. We know you will love that. It is offered at the same price as our Keystone Coupler. We literally have everything Ethernet Jack related. After all Ethernet Cable Supplies is what we do.