2U Double-Sided Slotted Duct Cable Manager

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2U Double-Sided Slotted Duct Cable Manager

2U Double-Sided Slotted Duct Cable Manager 2U Slotted Horizontal Cable Management, Double Sided, Finger Duct, features extra wide slotted ducts for easy-access front-side horizontal cable management for Standard 19 Racks and Enclosures.

Construction is sturdy plastic, providing a durable and inexpensive solution for Horizontal Cable Management. This rack-mountable cable manager is 19 inches wide, roughly 3.5 inches deep, and 2U high (3.5 inches). Both the front and the back has rows of slots along either side, so you can run a duct of cable on both sides of the rack. Each slot is wide enough to feed Ethernet cable through. It also comes with removable top panels that are designed to conceal the cables running inside. Use this to organize your cables as you run them to your patch panels.

Note: Installation takes minutes and only requires a Phillips screwdriver.