Video:Data Cabling Technicians Q&A

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We interviewed three structured cabling technicians from our parent company, Nova Voice & Data Systems, based on questions we received from our customers, YouTube fans, and Facebook followers. During this Q&A panel, they discuss the skills and knowledge they use in installing phone systems and data network infrastructure. The entire discussion was about an hour long, so we broke it up into 4 videos, labeled by topic.

Our network cabling technicians are speaking from the context of working in the United States and specializing in solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and municipal buildings. There may be some differences in industry practice compared to government contractors, cable television carriers, telephone companies, or other countries.

Part 1: Network Cable Termination Standards and Color Code

  • The importance of network cable color codes and wire sequence standards
  • Using the T568B color sequence vs. T568A

Part 2: Working as a Network Cabling Tech and How to Build Job Skills

  • Job description for data network cabling (low-voltage structured cabling)
  • Hard skills and soft skills needed for a network cabling technician job
  • Tasks performed by network cabling technicians
  • How to get into the structured cabling field
  • Structured cable job training
  • When to use shielded cable

Part 3: Using Twisted Pair Ethernet Cable, Fiber Optic Cable, and Coaxial Cable

  • Characteristics of twisted pair Ethernet cable, fiber optic cable, and coaxial cable
  • Maximum distance of Ethernet cable
  • When to use fiber optic cable
  • Differences between coaxial cable and twisted pair Ethernet cable

Part 4: Patch Panels, Cable Bundling, and Cross-talk

  • Purpose of a patch panel
  • Can a patch panel be reused?
  • Cross-talk and large cable bundles