Cable Identifier Combo Pack™

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Cable Identifier Combo Pack™


The original Cable Identifier is available exclusively at It is a time saving tool that can cut down time wasted on locating cables on a patch panel by eliminating the need to tone & probe and the "bleed over" mistakes with tone. Simply load the patch panel with Cable Identifier LEDs then plug the power supply into keystone jacks throughout a newly installed job site.

Using a tone generator and probe is a great way to identify cable via a signal relayed on the cable. On one end of a connection a tone generator is plugged into an RJ11 or RJ45 jack, while the tone is being sent across the cable a technician would be on the opposite end and run a tone generator probe along a 66 block or put it in each port of the patch panel attempting to locate the tone, depending on how the cable is terminated. After each cable is identified the jack can be labeled according to its location on the patch panel or 66 block. This makes future repairs or changes easier as the cable can be identified from either end of the connection.

Another and more efficient way to identify cables on a patch panel is's original product: The Cable Identifier. Just like a toner, the Cable Identifier is plugged into a jack and sends out a signal. Instead of using a toner and checking every port one by one for a tone on the opposite end, where all the cables have already been punched down onto a patch panel, RJ45 mod plugs fitted with LEDs are plugged into every port on the panel. The correlating port on the panel will light up immediately letting the technician know in a second which cable he is toning. The note can be made on a floor plan and then later, once all the cables have been identified, someone can go to each face plate and properly label each location. The Cable Identifier makes identifying and labeling cables so time efficient and easy that even the most novice cabler or technician could easily utilize it on a job site to save time, therefore saving money.

Eliminate the need to tone & probe

  • Eliminate "bleed over" mistakes with tone
  • Locate the correct port accurately and quickly
  • Save money and time by purchasing this LED lights and Cable Identifier combo together right now
  • Operates on two AA batteries (not included)
  • See the video below for a tutorial

 The combo pack comes with 24 LEDs and one power supply; additional LEDs and power supplies are available separately. Operates on two AA batteries (not included).

Note:If you are working on more than 24 ports you can purchase extra Red replacement LED Lights for Cable Identifier

*Patent Pending

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  • 5
    Works Perfectly

    Posted by Peter Blake on Jun 23rd 2018

    Tried if for the first time on Friday ! Worked perfectly . I was able to label all ports in under 5 minutes . One outlet didn’t light . I replaced the jack, lit up like a Christmas tree! I even recommended it to the Network admin on site !

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    Cable Identifier Combo Pack

    Posted by Melvin R. Hatfield on May 28th 2018

    I'm a networking student, after viewing your demo video, I mentioned it to my instructors.
    I believe this is a time saving product, it's NOT a replacement for circuit certification, but a time saving item. Toning a circuit is not a fool proof method.
    With the Cable Identifier you have a great point-to-point testing tool.

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    Cable Identifier Combo Pack

    Posted by Sheryl on Sep 13th 2017

    This was so much easier than using a tone generator and finder. On my last job it took no time to test each jack. I terminated my network closet cables to keystones and used a keystone snap-in block. This made it easy to arrange the keystones in order by room. I can't believe I waited so long to get this, even after seeing it on the video. Using it was believing.