Category 6 Ethernet Network Cable 1000ft CMP/Plenum

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Product Overview

CAT6 CMP Plenum Cable - Flame Retardant 1000ft Bulk Ethernet

Keep critical network equipment connected and protected with our CAT6 plenum-rated ethernet cable: UL certified for safety and 10Gb/s certified performance across ducted building spaces.

The low-smoke zero-halogen jacket meets NEC fire codes for plenum installation without sacrificing data speed - crucial in evolving WiFi/LAN environments.

Compliant CMP Cable

This indispensable CAT6 line combines full code compliance with leading 625MHz capability and reliability:

- Flame Retardant Sheathing
- Low Smoke/No Toxins ⛭ NEC Article 800 Compatible ⛭ 550MHz Velocities
- EIA/TIA 568.2 Tested

For The Inaccessible Spaces

This 23AWG copper cable handles the tight spaces of modern construction across long duct runs:

- Colored Pairs
- Marked Each Meter ⛭ High 10GbE Performance
- Riser & Plenum Spaces

Specify our CMP-rated plenum CAT6 cable for a fully fire rated, safety compliant, 10G-speed connection through the hidden spaces linking your equipment.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review