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Product Overview

Cat6A Ethernet Patch Cables - 10Gbps Speeds

Our Cat6A ethernet cables support ultra-fast 10Gbps network speeds, making them ideal for high performance home and office networks. Exceeds all Cat6A certification standards.

Engineered for Speed

Tested to 500MHz, these 4-pair 24AWG twisted copper cables significantly outperform Cat6 and below. Provides plenty of headroom to handle emerging WiFi 6E routers, multi-gig switches, NAS devices and more.

Key Features:

  • 10Gbps data transmission rates
  • Backwards compatible with all Cat6 and lower
  • Snagless connectors for easy install
  • 26-100 ft lengths in 7 colors
  • Exceeds all 10GBASE-T standards

Top Compatibility

Works seamlessly with existing Cat5e/Cat6 cable runs and hardware while providing next-level 10G future-proofing. Connect devices like PCs, servers, access points, printers, switches, routers, VoIP phones and more.

Superior Noise Isolation

With enhanced insulation and twisted pair designs, these cables minimize electromagnetic interference as well as disruptive alien crosstalk. Provides reliably fast connectivity free of latency and lag.

For those requiring verified 10-gigabit throughput across entire structured cable infrastructure, trust our Cat6A cables to deliver multi-gig performance.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review