Category 8 Ethernet Patch Cords, Dual Shielded S/FTP, Flex Molded Boot, 40G, RJ45 to RJ45

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Product Overview

CAT8 Ethernet Patch Cables - 40G Speeds for Data Centers

Our CAT8 ethernet patch cables allow ultra-fast 40Gbps network speeds perfect for high density data centers. With double-shielded construction to eliminate crosstalk in noisy and crowded environments.

Built for Speed and Reliability

Featuring shielded 24AWG copper cabling in a conventional 8-conductor configuration, our CAT8 cords suppress electromagnetic interference, alien crosstalk, and signal loss. Enables noise-free 25Gbps/40Gbps speeds for server rows, storage connectivity, and backbones.

Key Features:

  • 40G transmission rates
  • Individual + overall copper braid shielding
  • Snag-less boots for easy installs
  • 25-100 ft lengths in multiple colors
  • Exceeds CAT8 certification standards

CAT8 Shielding Technology

Each twisted pair has a foil shield, plus an outer tinned copper braid shield. This double-layer shielding blocks external EMI and internal alien crosstalk for fast, error-free communication between data center devices.

Snag-less Molded Boot Ends

Boots provide extra strain relief and bend radius protection during installation. The snag-less design prevents tabs from being accidentally bent or snapped off compared to standard RJ45 ends.

For dense server rooms that require certified 25G and future 40G throughput, trust our double-shielded CAT8 ethernet cables.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review