RG6 Coaxial Cable CMR/PVC Quad Shield 1000ft CCS 60%+40% Black PVC

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RG6 Coaxial Cable, Quad Shield, CCS 60%+40%, 1000ft Black PVC RG6 coaxial cable is ETL listed dependable quality le. Designed for digital HDTV, Satellite, and CATV Applications.

Dual shielded RG6 coaxial cable has a 60% bonded aluminum foil shield to reduce signal interference. The 18 AWG diameter conductor is solid copper clad steel, and it's swept tested to 3.0 GHz. Our RG6 coaxial is suitable for audio and video applications as well. It is also American made, and meets NEC guidelines. Solid bare copper covered steel center conductor. Bonded aluminum foil + 60% aluminum braiding 3.0GHz sweep tested. For use with CATV systems. Meets current NEC guidelines. Verified by ETL standards. High-Grade RG6 RG6U UL-Rated Coaxial Cable Suitable for Digital HDTV Applications, CATV, Outdoor TV Antennas and Digital Satellite Installations Sweep-tested to 3GHz 18AWG Solid Copper-Clad Steel Aluminum/PET-foil bonded 60% + 40% Aluminum braid shield 1000 feet supplied in a pull box Black high-grade PVC jacket 75? 18AWG Solid CCS Conductor UL, ETL, BICSI standards RG Cable Applications: The most common application of RG-6 is CATV aka cable television distribution coax, used to route cable television signals to and within homes.RG-6 type cables have become the standard for CATV, mostly replacing the smaller copper-clad steel (CCS) center conductor with a combination aluminum foil/aluminum braid shield, typically with low coverage (about 60%). RG-6 type cables are also used in professional video applications, carrying either base band analog video signals or serial digital interface (SDI) signals.


  • Physical Construction Inner Conductor Material: Solid copper clad steel 
  • Inner Conductor Size: 18 AWG 
  • Inner Conductor Construction: φ0.040±0.0039 in 
  • Insulation Material: Foamed PE 
  • Insulation Diameter: φ0.181 ± 0.0039 in 
  • Insulation Min Thickness: 0.0598 in 
  • Insulation Color: White 
  • 1st Shield Material: Aluminum/PET-Foil Bonded 
  • 2nd Shield Material: Aluminum Wire
  • 2nd Shield Construction: 0.0047x5x16 (60%) 
  • 3rd Shield Material: Aluminum/PET-Foil 
  • 4th Shield Material: Aluminum Wire 
  • 4th Shield Construction: 0.0047x3x16 (40%) 
  • Jacket Material: PVC 
  • Jacket Diameter: 0.0047 ± 0.0079 in 
  • Jacket Color: Black 
  • Electrical Characteristics Center Resistance: ≤ 36.58 Ω/km 
  • Capacitance: 15.8 ± 0.61 pF/ft
  • Impedance: 75 ± 3 Ω 
  • Electrical Performance Frequency Attenuation (dB/100m) Min. Attenuation (dB/100m) Max. 5 0.75 0.89 55 1.84 1.95 240 3.57 3.87 300 3.99 4.27 350 4.33 4.64 400 4.66 4.88 450 4.96 5.30 500 5.22 5.50 550 5.48 5.90 600 5.75 6.18 650 6.03 6.52 700 6.28 6.83 750 6.51 6.96 800 6.71 7.30 900 7.14 7.79 1000 7.68 8.03

RG6 coaxial cable is used in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. The term RG-6 itself is generic and refers to a wide variety of cable designs, which differ from shielding characteristics, center conductor composition, dielectric type and jacket type. RG was originally a unit indicator (radio guide or radio grade) for bulk radio frequency RF Cable in the U.S. military's Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS). The term RG-6 now is generally used to refer to coaxial cables and RG unit indicator is no longer part of the JETDS system.

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