Standard Loop for Cable Management (Arlington TL20)


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Standard Loop TL20 for Cable Management above the ceiling.

The Loop for Ceiling Cable Management is a great, inexpensive, reusable, and efficient way of hanging cable or dressing cable. Easily add or remove one cable or a large amount of cables by simply opening The Loop at the top. Cables can be pulled through The Loop keeping the cable off of a ceiling grid. The Loop is made out of plenum rated plastic which makes it acceptable to use in environmental air handling spaces. The Standard Loop can hold up to 60 Cat5e cables. Additional Information Holds 2 to 5 diameter bundle of CAT 5 or fiber optic cable - without damaging the cable Available with or without UV rating Versatile mounting - rotates to any angle TL20 holds the same amount of cable as a J-hook, at half the cost Video: Standard Loop for Ceiling Cable Management

Arlington TL20





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