Cat6A Slim Patch Cords, W/Flex Boot, 28 AWG

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Product Overview

CAT6A Patch Cables: Optimized for Speed and Space

As 10G networks become more prevalent, our CAT6A cables provide an optimized solution to utilize high-speed wired connectivity even in crowded spaces. Though more compact than standard CAT6 cords, these patch cables meet or exceed all CAT6A specifications for fast, reliable performance.

Featuring 28 AWG copper cabling encased in a flexible PVC jacket, these cables reliably handle 10Gbps speeds with reduced alien crosstalk interference. This allows high-bandwidth applications to coexist closely within structured cabling without loss of performance.

Space-Saving Design

At a more compact diameter than CAT6 cords, these CAT6A patch cables fit smoothly in narrow wire channels and crowded network racks. This saves valuable real estate for equipment while lowering congestion behind desks and in workstations.

High-Quality Components

Constructed using quality copper cabling, snagless molded boot connectors, and corrosion-resistant gold-plated RJ45 ends, these network cables deliver the resilience needed for daily use. They meet or exceed all industry standards for certified CAT6A-rated performance.

For reliable transmission rates even in dense networks, CAT6A ethernet patch cords provide optimized speed and space-savings without sacrificing quality or durability.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review