Cat6 Slim Patch Cords, W/Flex Boot, RJ45 to RJ45

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Product Overview

Slim CAT6 Ethernet Cables: Optimized Design, Maximum Connectivity

While standard Cat6 cables provide the speeds needed for today's wired connections, their rigid design makes installation behind furniture or in narrow spaces very difficult. Our slim CAT6 cables solve this problem with an optimized slender and flexible cable engineered to meet modern connectivity demands.

Premium Construction

Featuring high-quality copper cabling, molded PVC strain relief boots, and gold-plated corrosion resistant RJ45 connectors, our slim patch cables meet or exceed all CAT6 specifications. This ensures maximum speed and bandwidth for seamless wired connectivity.

Optimized Flexible Design

With four times the flexibility of regular Cat6 cables, these slim patch cords easily bend around obstacles and neatly run along baseboards to connect devices. This allows hassle-free installation in crowded spaces without sacrificing the durability needed for daily use.

Connects a Multitude of Devices

Ideal for both home and office networks, these slim ethernet cables seamlessly connect a wide array devices including computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, modems, printers and streaming gadgets. The optimized slender form-factor takes up less space while still supporting multiple high-speed device connections.

Simplify your wired home or office connections without losing Cat6 speeds or reliability. Purpose-engineered for flexibility and connectivity, our slim patch cables are the solution for smooth, clutter-free ethernet cable runs to all your devices.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review