Keystone Surface Mount Boxes (Premium Grade)

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Product Overview

Surface Mount Box (SMB) Commercial Grade for Keystone Computer Jacks.

A surface mount box is designed to house keystones of different types. Keystones come in many different varieties of network jacks. Networking, Home Theater and security/surveillance is all covered by this simple to install and highly dynamic surface mount box. Now your installation can a professional appearance and structure.

More Info:
Surface Mount Boxes, also known as “biscuits” in the cabling and networking industry, often come in handy on both ends of a termination. Surface mount boxes can be mounted to just about anything with a double sided adhesive strip that comes with each box as well as a set of screws that can help add stability and permanence to the installation of a biscuit. Because standard keystone jacks can be inserted and removed, surface mount boxes are reusable. The cover snaps onto the base of the box and there is a small hole in the back of the biscuit for the cable to come out.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review